Of The " Soul of Earth " Theory

Schumann Resonance Schumann is a product of lightning discharges occurring in the Earth’s Ionospheric Cavity. Simply put, picture the surface of the Earth as the surface of a big ball. Above the Earth we have the atmosphere . The atmosphere is composed of layers, one being the Ionosphere. This layer has the ability to act as a reflector or mirror. Picture this layer as another ball surrounding the ball we call Earth. Between the surface of the Earth or inner ball and the D-Layer or outer ball we end up with a cavity or hollow area. This cavity contains the air we breathe and where weather is created. At any given second somewhere on the planet up to one hundred lightning discharges are occurring. As a product of the shape, volume and area of the cavity, seven independent resonances or vibrations occur as a result of lightning discharge.

The seven resonances or vibrations occur at the following frequencies: The first at 7. 83 Hz. or cycles. The second at 14 Hz. The third at 21 Hz. The fourth at 26 Hz. The fifth at 31 to 33 Hz. The sixth at 39 Hz. And the seventh at 45 Hz.

Brain Waves: Alpha occupies a frequency range of approximately 8 to 13 Hz. Theta a frequency of 4 to 7 Hz. Delta a frequency of 1 to 3 Hz. and Beta a frequency of 18 to 22 Hz. These four brain waves fall within the range of at least the first three Schumann Resonances. If we consider high Beta brain wave activity, “above 22 Hz.“ more resonances can be utilized.

SS: you will find in the last link there a book on research of the Schumann Resonance in which vortexes of non-polarized geomagnetic energy rise from the ground and cause intensification of the schumann resonance. these vortexes are the same vortexes found in areas of high volcanism. however, last i looked this site was down so what data i have in my archives may be all that is left .. --SS

SS: i have a theory that earth frequencies do not always remain the same and any shift in these frequencies can have an affect upon the "scalar potentials" ... as an example, intensification of the schumann resonance by geomagnetic vortexes near major volcanic hotspots can affect "scalar potentials" and may also cause affects to "Time Domain" by effects of "Gravity Waves" ... --SS

SS: the first image above shows the normal schumann resonance, the second image above shows the schumann resonance intensified by a non-polarized vortex of geomagentic energy rising from the earth near a volcanic hotspot .. --SS


SS: the first plot above is the normal schumann resonance magnetic field readings, the second plot shows the intensification of the schumann resonance caused by a non-polarized vortex of geomagnetic energy rising from the earth near a volcanic hotspot, the third plot shows the full intensification of the schumann resonance caused by a  geomagnetic outflow and as it subsides ..  --SS

SS: the image above shows the schumann resonance and  power line interference and this is the reason why power blackouts sometimes occur during sudden intensifications of the schumann resonance as in an example i will update in the near future .. --SS

Expanding Earth

SS: The expanding earth theory above supports the theory that schumann resonance changes .. as the earth expanded the frequencies of the schumann resonance changed .. as the earth continues to expand schumann resonance will continue to change .. this supports the idea that consciousness is evolves since the human mind vibrates at the same frequencies as the schumann resonance ..

Of the White Buffalo Experiment

Compression, Implosion, Gravity, Time, and Love

07-26-06 UPDATE: [link to www.pbs.org]

SS: according to scalar physics the mind is a "scalar potential" that oscillates within the "zero point vaccuum" or "time domain". the mind vibrates at the same frequencies as the schumann resonance . this theory is exact same theory as the "hydromechanical ether" theory . --SS

SS: according to superstrings theory:

"String theory concentrated on closed loops like rubber bands but after M Theory everything we see around us like matter and light is made of open ended strands and the ends of each string are tied down to our three dimensional membrane."

"Closed loops of strings do exist .. and one kind is responsible for gravity and is called a graviton. Because the closed loop has no loose ends to tie down it can escape to higher dimensions thus making it appear weaker than the other forces of nature .."

SS: these strings vibrate in a six dimensional space according to super strings theory :

" If we shrink down small enough we will find one extra tiny curled up dimension at every point in space. The idea that extra dimensions exist all around us lies at the heart of string theory. In fact, the mathematics of string theory demand six extra dimensions twisted and curled into complex little shapes. "

"If we shrunk down small enough to fly into one these six dimensional shapes predicted by string theory we would see how the extra dimensions are twisted and curled back on each other influencing how strings fundamental ingredient of our universe move and vibrate .."

"The tiny curled up six dimensional shapes predicted by the theory cause one string to vibrate precisely in the right way to produce what we see as a proton, and another string to vibrate in a different way producing an electron."

The Philosopher's Stone

Magical Egypt Part Six (Of Eight) Initiation

" When we use charcoal as the focus of an alchemical operation we begin by recognizing that it's essential ingredient carbon is the material prima that will emerge perfected as the diamond.
When the charcoal undergoes the cleansing fire at a stress of geological proportions it is hardened into a perfect inpenetratable diamond that becomes itself the geometric map of perfect universal order from the highest spiritual registers to the lowest physical realms. "

SS: in chemistry the bonding angles of water and diamonds both are tetrahedrons which corresponds well with a "hydromechanical ether" as well as "tetrahedron hyperdimensional" physics theory .. according to book 777 the diamond corresponds to "union with god" .. -- SS